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I founded Ninoy GmbH in order to give you, as an established – perhaps also smaller – healthcare facility the opportunity to achieve legal conformity within your facility through competent and up-to-date knowledge.


Ninoy GmbH   with the Academy, Publishing and Quality divisions is a versatile service company for all established institutions and professional groups in the healthcare sector.


The medical care system has long been subject to a confusing set of laws and regulations, which has produced a large number of consulting companies almost simultaneously. How is this supposed to be transparently seen through by established healthcare facilities?

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With the further development of contract and supply structures in healthcare, the quality factor is becoming increasingly important. In order to be able to measure, evaluate and continuously improve quality in the medical practice, key figures and measuring instruments are also required from the medical fields. For an increase in remuneration, an increase in quality or a significant improvement in quality must also be proven in the future.


For this reason, I also deal intensively with the quality of care and patient safety within the Humanitus quality practice network. The criteria for patient safety and medical competence guide the selection of my quality indicators. This includes conducting patient surveys, indicators for practice organization, further training certificates, error management and documentation that are linked to the quality goals of our quality practice network.

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